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Advice that Puts You First

Trusted Advice and Solutions, for Life

Our life and living insurance solutions are made to fit your life. At CAA, we understand first-hand the importance of expert advice and a clear, straightforward process that is customized to you. Live your life and focus on what matters most, and we’ll be here for the rest.

We’re Here for You

Advice that Puts You First

Our Advisors care about the same things you do. After all, that’s what great insurance advice and solutions are built on. They understand that buying insurance can be confusing and want to help make it easier so you can focus on the things that matter most. Get the confidence you need and chat with one of our Advisors here at CAA today.

  • Our advice is personalized: We’ll begin with a chat to learn more about you, your life and what’s important to you. From there, we offer advice that’s as unique as you are.
  • Our advice is accessible and relatable: You can either choose your ideal Advisor or use our general booking tool to book an appointment if you don’t have a particular one in mind. We’ll meet at a time that works for you and be available to meet via phone or virtually.
  • Our advice is unbiased: Our licensed Advisors are here to listen and provide expert, objective advice customized specifically to your needs, free of any bias or pressure.
  • Our advice is fast: Get tailored-to-you guidance in two (2) days or less from one of our expert Advisors. Have a general insurance question? We can typically provide advice or information on the spot.
  • Our advice is complimentary: Who says the best things in life aren’t free?

Clear and Personalized Process

Getting insurance advice should feel comfortable, without pressure or confusion. We exist so you can live your life with confidence. Our entire process is set up to help you feel looked after every step of the way. Our process includes:

  • Meet your Advisor: An opportunity to meet and get to know your Advisor face-to-face via online video or phone.
  • Tell your story via our complimentary financial protection review: Your Advisor will chat with you to gain an understanding of your life and your needs. They will ask you several questions about your current personal, financial and insurance situation. All of the information you provide during this review will help your Advisor conduct thorough research aimed at finding the right solution at the right price for you.
  • Discuss and review your customized proposal: Your Advisor will present you with the best solution for your goals and aspirations and review everything in detail to ensure you are comfortable.
  • Move forward with your selected insurance solution: Once you have made your selection, they’ll guide you through the application process, all the way from submission to decision.

Solutions that Fit Your Life

We offer hundreds of products, flexible appointment times that meet your schedule and various payment options, to ensure that there’s a solution that perfectly fits your life. For over 115 years, our Members have trusted CAA to keep them safe so they can live their most fulfilling lives. We are here to give you peace of mind so you can focus on the things that matter most. Our comprehensive life and living insurance solutions include:

  • Life Insurance: Choose the option with the right coverage amounts, time period and benefits to meet your personal financial goals. This includes insurance with no underwriting, temporary insurance for a specified period of time, insurance that will be there for you throughout your entire life, insurance that can return your premium if you cancel, or any other situation that fits you.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: A financial product with a range of coverages that protects you from the financial effects of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and 20 other conditions. Upon diagnosis you will be paid a single, lump sum amount between $25,000 and $2,000,000 tax free. Our coverages include insurance with no underwriting, temporary insurance for a specified period of time, or any other situation that fits you.
  • Disability Insurance: A financial product that is designed to replace a portion of your income when you are unable to work due to illness and/or injury. Continue to pay for the things your hard-earned income pays for when you are unable to earn an income. Our solutions can be catered to provide protection that can never be cancelled or changed, paid over two years, five years and any time in between.
  • Insurance Providers: Our solutions are provided by trusted, Canadian insurance providers endorsed by CAA, including RBC Insurance, Empire Life, Manulife, Canada Protection Plan, SSQ, Assumption Life and Securian Canada.

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Our Licensed Life Insurance Advisors are here to listen and provide expert advice that fits your life. They offer a full range of expertise in the areas you need. Book an appointment using our quick and easy booking tool.